About Us
4e Dental Connect is a virtual dental consulting company, designed to bring the dental world to the convenience of your home. As the host of all these dental services, 4e dental connect now offers answers quickly to fit your busy schedule. No more surcharges for sterilization. No more waiting for delayed dental appointments, you get direct access to a licensed dentist, at an affordable price. The future is here now.
Our Services
Virtual Dental Consultations
You can access dental excellence from anywhere in the world, using your computer or mobile. Our services can be used by your dentist as well as our experienced dentists to get you started on your dental health journey. 4edentalconnect provides convenience saving time and money. Most appointments available around your schedule.
4clear Ortho Doctor Support
We specialize in orthodontic consultations that focus on home treatment. Use our 4e dentists to ensure greater success, at more affordable prices. Try 4clear ortho to get the most complete at home ortho care on the online market. It’s easy access without all the expensive overhead, passing these savings to you.
Affordable Dentistry
Our Dental partnerships allow patients to get discounts from the normal dental fees. We educate our patients to understand all the options available allowing the most affordable care. We are experts in all phases of dentistry, including Cosmetics,Implant Services, Orthodontics, General Dentistry, and Emergencies
Our Team
Dr. Salar Baban, DDS
General Dentistry
Dr. Salar Baban brings 35 years of dental experience. He has always stressed excellence and patient satisfaction. Dr. Salar is currently the vice president of the American Academy of dentistry. Dr. Salar has internationally lectured, mentoring many successful dentists. He feels continuing education is the key to improving the patient experience.
Dr. Jim Misto, DDS
General Dentistry
Since graduating from USC in 1991, Dr. Misto has been in clinical dentistry for over 30 years. Dr. Misto is the current president of the American Academy of dentistry and active in continuing dental education. This experience gives the patients an understanding of what is needed to improve their dental health. Dr. Misto has a complete understanding of all phases of dentistry.
Dr Tareq Altinawi (International), DDS, CDT
General Dentistry
Dr. Altinawi graduated as a certified dental technician in 1996 and managed his own full-service dental lab. His passion for dentistry grew to continue his education by graduating as a dentist in 2012. Dr. Altinawi then did a fellowship in implantology from UNLV in 2020 learning implant design focusing on the famous all on four reconstructions. He also received his master's in dental aesthetics from the international academy of aesthetics in 2020. Dr. Altinawi's experience brings a unique dynamic to the 4edental team.
Client Testimonial
Dave P., MA
Wow! It's great to have access from anywhere at almost anytime. I recommend 4edental connect to anyone who is confused about dentistry.
Donna, Washington DC
It was a great experience that was more than affordable. My 4e dental doctor was very patient and explained everything. Kudos to the 4eDental team.
Farah L, Oman
I broke my tooth and my 4e dental doctor calmed my fears. He explained everything. I was prepared when i saw my dentist. Thank you 4edental connect.